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Ugh, not this day again

Here's a shout out to all the women who should've became mothers years ago but had nature fuck them over. To the women who've been trough a massive amount of poking, prodding and testing without it amounting to anything. To those who've cried their eyes out in the bathroom at babyshowers.

Good god, what's the return policy on this thing.

You may not be cuddling your newborn, but at least you can cuddle a bottle of Vodka without being judged today. Happy "fuck it, i'm giving up on this whole becoming a mother thing, at least for this month. Until I see a happy mom and want a kid again" day, you sassy women.

I can't believe i've lived to see another mothersday without getting closer to becoming one myself.  I've actually gotten further away from it, like i'm in the red when it comes to my fertility credits.

On a completey unrelated note; I dyed my hair black again.

Look how mournful I look! This is the face of someone who just realized she is going to have to tell her future boyfriend about her botched ovaries.

But wait, nevermind. I'll safe my thoughts about dating while being infertile for my next post. Wow, this should be interesting!


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