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Does prayer help?

Now that i´ve taken time off work and got over the shock that my tube(s) will be removed I've had the opportunity to think. Think about infertility, my relationship with god and life in general. God and I kinda went our seperate ways when I was growing up. I have to say i'm not a religious person, I like logic and reason. I do however believe in a higher power - if that makes sense -. When I was younger I talked to him all the time. When I went through puberty I wasn't even sure I believed in him. When I started trusting him again all I did was thank him for waking me up in the morning. I never asked for anything because I didn't want to sound greedy. But lately I've been so desperate, I find myself literary in tears. Asking , no,  begging him to please bless me with a healthy child. I don't even know if my prayers will be answered, but seriously, who else can we ask. 

Talking about prayer

I think the efficiency of prayer has nothing to do with whether you go to church every sunday or not. I think it has everything to do with hope, having a positive outlook and sending positive vibes to people who need it. 

So maybe sending everyone truckloads of babydust isn't as ridiculous as it seems.

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  1. Prayer always helps me. Sometimes I just talk to God like he is a friend just really telling him my feelings & being honest. It always makes me feel better. After 22 months of TTC I still hold onto faith. Good Luck!


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