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We finally had our appointment

As you know, we have been waiting for our appointment at our new clinic for 8 months. I want to start off by saying how happy I am with our new RE. She's straight to the point, nice and very professional. She never mentioned our age and I didn't feel judged. The clinic is well worth the drive. Yeah, it's a little further away than our last one, but totally worth it. 

So we got there and she asked the typical questions. She asked about deceases in the family, financial stuff, what my cycles are like on and off Clomid and how long I've been on clomid. When I told her I saw she was surprised. She said it's completely irresponsible for my doctor to put me on clomid for eight months without monitoring my eggs. She also said it's ridiculous we've been trying for 2,5 years and the only thing we've tried is Clomid. She called it a fail on my other doctor's behalf. She was also angry that he told me to lose weight. To make a long story short, we made the right decision to switch RE's. 

So this is what we´ve all been waiting for: What is our next step going to be?
She said she wasn't going to make us wait any longer and she's going to make sure that there's a maximum of two weeks between every appointment. Which is awesome. At our next appointment (wich will be in 14 days) she'll have the results of my bloodtest - I walked out of her office and could get blood drawn immediately - and the results of hubby's semen analyses. We'll also get an ultrasound. She said that if my tubes are blocked (even if it's just one) we'll waste no time and start the IVF process immediately. If they're not, we'll start IUI immediately. On one hand, I feel like my tubes may be blocked, on the other I think the unexplained infertility diagnosis still stands but we'll see.

Isn't this frickin' amazing?
The only thing we weren't happy about is that we might not be able to have a boy baby. Because I have a type of blood decease in the family that only effects men. So we we're kinda shocked to hear that, but she said we should try to not think about that until the results of my bloodtest come in.

Overall, I'm happy!
And whatever the outcome is going to be at our next appointment, I can finally ditch the clomid and we can finally work at making our dreams come true. I'm just happy we don't have to wait another eight months to get some answers

Click here if you want to see me talk about it.

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