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The mother of children's wear

Sure, shopping for yourself is fun. But what's more fun than that you ask? That's right, looking at clothes for the littlest of people. It gets even more interesting when big wig designers are involved. I'm not saying you should buy a $1600 dollar blazer for a kid that'll grow out of it in two days.  Because that's not the point of this post. Inspiration is the point. Here are a couple of my favorite spring trends (and they're not hard to copy either!)


     1.(ChloĆ©) This cute little get up is perfect. Your little one will look like the CEO of the playground. You ca pair the blazer with a little summer dress as well and it'd still look amazing.

2. (Ralph Lauren) Preppy chic will never go out of style. Ralph Lauren is known for his timeless designs and this outfit will still look good 60 years from now. Investing in one of their pieces is not a bad idea. Your children's children might even be able to enjoy them.

3.(J.Crew) This outfit is fun, colorful and effortless. How cute do those clogs look? Adorable. Colorblocking is the way to go when it comes to children's fashion. Kids can get away with this stuff. 

4. (D&G Junior) An outfit can look phenomenal but if your child's not comfortable, you need to get rid of it. This outfit however, looks extremely comfortable. Layers are great. If your child gets hot, you get rid of something and if your child is cold you add something without losing the overall look. 

5. (Zara kids) My husband is in love with this outfit because he dresses like this too. It's so simple, so sophisticated without being too serious. Roll up the bottom of his pants a little bit, add old school loafers and your kid will be ready for the fashion show called life.

6. (Stella Mccartney) How cute is this dress? Crafty moms could even make it themselves. This dress is actually my favorite because it's so simple.

7. (Burberry) Don't underestimate the power of a good trenchcoat. They look great on everyone and add instant flair, even when your kid isn't potty trained yet. Again, if you're going to invest in something, Burberry makes great, high quality pieces that you could easily pass on from kid to kid.

Happy shopping!
(try not to splurge)

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