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Infertile madness

Getting your period is sad. We cried for 10 minutes last night, like every month and got over it, like we do every month. But I do have to admit husband was extra teary  this time which made me even more upset. This cycle was basically our last chance to try to conceive on our own before signing our reproductive systems over to modern science. But we just do what we do every month, dry our tears and move on. What really helps is the pain though is looking at total douchebags and think :  "Maybe it's a good thing I didn't get pregnant this month. Making sure I don't have to deal with a sucker like X over there is totally worth the wait. The longer I have to wait to become a mom, the more time I have to prepare." And other stupid stuff like that. 

Take exhibit A:
I can tell you right now, I'd rather die then end up with a daughter like her.  I mean, seriously, how messed up is this.Okay, you're married to a perv. But do you really need to go around looking like a floozy?

Or this: Exhibit B
This is just a serious hot mess. I may be Dutch, but it's not like we go around smoking weed on our lunch breaks. No one actually does it because it's not interesting.

Sigh. Call me a moron but this actually made me feel better.
Maybe we'll have better luck next, maybe we won't. But I'm okay now.
Thank god for awkward Youtube videos

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