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Update *long overdue, I know*

 I am so sorry you haven't heard from me in a while. I know there's no excuse but I'm in the proces of graduating college. And with only 2 weeks of exams left things are getting hectic. The sad thing is that you guys hardly missed anything. This was my 7th cycle of Clomid. I took 2 OPK's before I got a smileyface (I got a smileyface on CD 16 instead of 18)  and I didn't even get the chance to "act on it" thanks to my husband's irregular work schedules...Which was so frustrating but I don't have to tell you girls that. 

Ovulation pains were at their worse this month. I have no clue why. I was literally laying in bed in fetal position because it hurt so bad. I'm also thinking about quitting Clomid. It makes no sense to me to take something with loads of side effects that helps me ovulate,  time intercourse and still manage to NOT get pregnant. It's ridiculous and  I decided not to try anything anymore until we finally see our new RE. I haven't seen an RE since September last year and I'm ready for the next step in this journey. I will not accept anything other than IUI at this point. I am completely done with waiting.Also, I hope my next doctor is less of a douche. We have our next appoinment April 27 (yes I know. Nothing is making sense at this point).

What else is there...

Well, I'm just happy to be almost done with college! I keep saying to myself : "Maybe god wants me to complete my education first". But I'm really not sure what else god would want from me at this point. Trust me when I say I'm doing my absolute best to provide our future kid with everything it could possibly need and trust me when say I'm  trying not to lose myself in the process.

After college I'll give myself a 3 month break and go to uni to get my social work and psychology masters. I feel very fortunate to be able to complete my education. Also, I used to go to the gym 3 times a week and since I found that it's a great stress reliever, I upped the frequency to 5 times a week.

So there you have it. Nothing spectacular, no pregnancy announcement. Just a lot of waiting and a lot of working hard.

I will blog again when AF rears her ugly head because she probably will. 

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