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This is getting SO old!

I am SO bored with getting my period. Sure I'm happy she's on time every single month but still, it's so boring. I want to prepare for a newborn. Not stroll down the feminine hygiene isle with tears in my eyes. I want to go midwife "shopping". I want to look at cribs and at cute little overpriced outfits, not yell at my husband an demand specific foods. Or on second thought, I might do a lot of that when I'm pregnant too. But being a hormonal mess  is so much cuter when you're expecting. Now I have mood swing after mood swing every month and I get nothing in return. When you're pregnant you're in an altered emotional state for 9 to 10 months straight, but you get something beautiful in return. That's what I want. That's really all I'm asking for....and some chocolate would be nice to right now.

I guess this is a new cycle.
I need a drink. 

Wanna see my whine about aunt flo without any make up on? I'm sure you do. Click here.

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