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So, how did your appointment go?

I wanted to updated you guys on my phone but blogging on an Iphone is close to hellish. I hated every second of it. So I had to get on the computer...which I hate even more but you guys are worth it. So anyway, my appointment. I'm sure it would've gone well if we could've gone! I'm not kidding you guys, I just called off work because I knew I had to rush everything. I just got off the phone with work and guess who calls me, my doctors secretary. Our doctor called in sick that morning. Being the rational infertile that I am, I got so angry! I didn't let her know of course, it's not her fault but still I was pissed. Thank god for my husband. So that's basically all that happened. I would've updated earlier but I was busy. Fun busy! I met up with old friends, went to the movies, cocktail party's that kinda stuff. My appointment was moved to May 11. Which isn't bad at all! It's not like I have to wait another 8 months because that would just freak me out.

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