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Look what time it is!

I just got my first positive ovulation test! I know it's stupid to be excited but a girl has to do something right? I'm just glad I ovulate on time. Exactly 14 days before my next period is due. I love these OPK's. Also, in my review I mentioned how there are lines on the tests that you should ignore. But I decided to make pictures for educational purposes. 

Yes, I'm missing day 13. I completely forgot to test.
It's a good thing they tell you not to pay attention to these freakin' lines. This is exactly why I hate line reading. It's really unclear. The lines don't progresively get darker. So if I did have to read these lines, I'd think I probably wouldn't ovulate. But I'm going to, so yay!

They also say that you should stop testing after getting a positive OPK...but we'll see about that.

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