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The eleven things tag

I want to thank the Gorgeous Hanna Elouise for tagging me. This is actually the first time I´ve been tagged so I´m excited. Don´t laugh! Click the link to check out my TTC buddy´s blog.

There are five rules

1. Post these rules.

2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things about you.

3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.

4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.

5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them

Well, here´s a picture of me, eating a hamburger. I chose this one because it was made by my husband. I think it's silly that he brings his camera everywhere. I asked him why the hell he would want to make a picture of me stuffing my face like a pig. He said, because you make ordinairy things extraordinairy. The best thing is,  I'm not even making this up!I remember thinking : "You charming bastard you". I love him and I love how much he loves me.

Eleven random things about me:
1. I have a weird thing with meat. I only eat minced meat and chicken filet. I do not eat or even touch anything with the bones still attached. I feel guilty for eating meat already, having to suck it off a bone would make it even worse. 

2. I've always been very interested in the Maffia and the 5 crime families. I can tell you what man was the boss or the underboss in each crime family in what year and when he was arrested or when he died. 

3. I feel a lot of pressure to have a natural birth because I'm so vocal about it.

4. I have not spoken to my in laws in 4 years.

5. I only own 2 pairs of flat shoes.

6. I'm very, very passionate.

7. I was not prepared for infertility. It completely changed my world in more ways than I could possibly imagine. Infertility has shown me who my friends are and why I should steer clear of certain family members. 

8. I used to own a cat - she was my best friend - and my mom took her to a shelter one day when I was at school without telling me. I'm a grown woman and I still can't forgive her for it. 

9.  I dye my hair black. My natural hair colour is light brown and I hate it.

10. I get really annoyed when people post pictures of food on Facebook. I mean seriously, is eating something you don't to on a regular basis? I thought it only made sense to share special events. 

11. I do NOT miss my clubbin' days.

And now for Hanna's questions: 

1. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
bold, empathetic, genuine

2. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
The Maldives because it's a freakin'paradise on earth. 

3. What are your aspirations?
I want to be a good and memorable person. I want to persue my dream of working with children who've had a hard time after I finish studying social work and psychology and I want to do all of this without giving up writing and being a mom. Because I truly believe I can do it all.

4. What is your opinion on tattoos?
I love them. I have two tattoos and I'm getting another one in two months. I think tattoos should be kept classy...if that's even possible. I don't like tattoos you can see from space and I don't like chestpieces on women. I also don't like how people always have this sentimental story about their tattoo. You getting stars on your feet and tribals on your arm has nothing to do with your ferret who died in 8th grade.If you get nonsense tattoos, admit that you got them because you like the way they look.

5. What make-up products do you use daily?
Eyeliner, mascara, highlighter, lowlighter, blusher. I wear all this crap and I still look the way I did before I smeared it on my face. 

6. Who is your celebrity crush?
Richard Hammond ha!

7. Shower or bath?
Shower. Or a bath after a shower. I'm not going to soak in my own filth. 

8. Do you have a signature scent? 
Yes, Chloé by Chloé is my absolute favorite. It's the only thing I wear. 

9. Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Team I've never watched Twilight. The only thing I know about it is what I've seen on movie posters.

10. Slightly morbid I know - but do you have a song you would like played at your funeral?
Body in a box by City and Colour. 

11. What is your favourite book ?
There was this book I read when I was a little girl called IEP! I can still remember what I felt after I was done reading it. It was a story about a childless couple (Was I psychic?) that found a little girl with wings in a bush. They couldn't really figure out if it was a girl with wings or a bird with legs but they decided to take her anyway. It sounds completely ridiculous but it was an amazing book.

I would like to tag :

And everyone else of course. I can't wait to see your answers!

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