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I've been a bad infertile long enough now and I really want to start trying again next cycle. Mainly because the relaxing thing doesn't work for us either. So no more lounging and acting like a normal person. I just want to get pregnant, have an awesome pregnancy, have cheesy maternity pictures taken, deliver this baby and get this TTC thing over with. So here's my game plan:

  • I will never forget to take Clomid again. If I do, I can't buy shoes that month.
  • OPK's are back in business in this house.
  • I will start taking OPK's everyday at 2 PM starting at cycle day 14 (based on my 31 day cycle) even if that means taking one in the car or on the train.
  • Sex might not be as fun 3 times a month but that's the price we're willing to pay.
  • I'm still debating whether to buy a

All in all, we're doing this hardcore.

By the way I just found an amazing deal on Clearblue digital ovulation tests. You know, the smiley faced ones. I bought about 20 of 'em plus the reader thingy for 30 something euros. Amazing, right! My period is due February 12 and I she'll show on time because that's how my period is lately...punctual. After that it's game on! I'm super excited for my next period to come around and jump on the crazy train again.

Here's to hoping I see a lot of smiley faces!

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