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So weird lips

I know this has nothing to do with anything but I love trivial things and I just wanted to share this craziness. Were you looking for a song that could be the soundtrack of your entire day? Look no more. The Flaming lips thought it would be awesome to release a 24 hour (!) song and I'm not even joking. In fact, this song is 18 hours longer than their previous song "I found this star on the ground". The weirdest thing about all of this isn't even the song. What's weird is that if you want a physical version of the song you can get it...for $5000 that is and the harddrive containing the song is encased in an actual human skull. O and what's even crazier is that this isn't even the longest song of all time. The longest song of all time is a Tibetan singing bowl song that's being played by a computer. It started playing on December 31st 1991 and will continue to play without repetition… until December 31, 2999. Crazy! How crazy is all of this, I love crazy!

If your eyes look like you've been stung by bees because of an allergic reaction  and you have nothing better to do because you can't go outside without scaring children -  like me right now - go check it out! 

The horror! You can't fast forward or anything!
I personally couldn't listen to it more than 30 seconds. 

But you know what, now I have something to talk about at parties. Something that doesn't involve babies and is so random, people will look at you like you're nuts. Perfect.

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