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Clearblue digital ovulation test review

I talked about the Clearblue digital tests I ordered. I was scared they wouldn't be delivered on time, but they were. I'm on CD 12 and I'm supposed to start testing in 2 days. So the timing is perfect. I did learn my lesson though.  From now on i'll only order from Dutch sites because the difference in price isn't even that big. Anyway, I decided to do a test today to see if the reader works properly and if I like 'em or not.

I know this sounds silly but I love the feeling of a full box of OPK's. *sigh* I used to get this much satisfaction out of shoe shopping.

This is what a negative test looks like.  No smiley face.

The instruction leaflet emphasizes the fact that you shouldn't pay attention to the lines because it can result in missing your peak fertility and delay your opportunity to become pregnant. But I'm going to keep an eye on them anyway. If the line is dark but no smiley face appears, I'll make sure to get some BD in just in case. Besides, I love seeing two lines. I just wish it was on a different kind of test!

Why you should definitely buy these        Why you should try something else
- Easy to use                                                       - Ridiculously expensive.
- Results are easy to read                                    - Every box contains reader, can't buy refills only
- Reliable                                                            - Can't use with PCOS, but i'd ask my dr. about it.
- Simple and straight forward 
- No more guessing 

 I really love these tests! I don't think i'll ever need other ones as long as I'm TTC. The result pops up really fast and after you pull the test stick out the result will be displayed on the reader for 8 more minutes. All the icons on the display are really easy to understand.

Just a couple of tips 
Don't fall for the whole "start testing the minute your period leaves" thing. Of course Clearblue would want you to test more. Unless your doctor reccomends this you have no reason to start taking OPK's that early. The best thing to do is track your period for 6 months before taking OPK's. Say your longest cycle was 34 days and your shortest 28. Take your shortest cycle and use this chart to figure out when you need to start testing. This will safe you a lot of money! 
Clomid users pay attention. Clomid can mess with your ovulaton test results. My doctor reccomends all her patients to start taking OPK's 3 days after their last Clomid pill. So if you take Clomid from cycle day 3 - 7 you can start testing on cycle day 10.

And last but not least, make sure you DON'T use first morning urine!

I hope this review was useful!

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