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I've lost 11lbs since January 1, I actually have a couple of friends now and life is great. Maybe even awesome. I haven't thought about TTC or anything baby related since my last post. And to make matters more interesting, I actually forgot to take clomid this cycle. My husband never mentioned it either because he forgot about it too. Can you believe that? Me, the TTC obsessed cat lady without a cat forgetting to take clomid. I stil remember what I ate on my 4th birthday but this I forget?

I dyed my hair , took on too many assignments, hardly ever got any sleep, I've been working out like a mad woman 4 times a week and ate sushi like nobody's business. Not once did I think that I could be pregnant. I am by far the worst TTCer ever. I'm not sure if I can even call what we're doing actively trying to conceive anymore.

And you know what? It feels good! I basically forget all about it. I finally found the balance I've been wanting for so long. The amazing thing about balance is that it translates into every aspect of your life so I feel very Zen-ish.

Talking about zen, I'm late for my yoga class!

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