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Bitchy queens and the flu

 Rupaul for president!

I'm sick again but i'm still making calls and emailing like a crazy person because I have a deadline for an article in six days. I have yet to find three men that look like models but really aren't and are open about their sexlifes. The interviews all need to take place this week but I can't even stand up straight. I also have a school presentation about the dynamics of marketing that's due next tuesday. Needless to say I'm one big ball of stress, my neck has been stiff for about a week, I'm still waiting for my boss to tell me where the photoshoot is going to take place. One of the guys I was supposed to interview and booked a shoot with decided to break his leg in a Vespa accident (I really wish I was making this up, it's so ridiculous. Those things aren't even that fast). I can't go anywhere in this house without my puke bucket and I'm trying to sound peppy and normal on the phone. Total chaos. So, what's a girl to do to make herself happy? Watch Rupaul's Drag Race of course! (click the link to watch and see if you like it)

Everyone who knows me knows I love dragqueens, it's the only thing that helped me relax today! Do you guys watch? If you don't, you should! I've been a fan since season 1. Dragqueens are the best way to forget about everything, laugh and remind yourself that you shouldn't take life so seriously. I'm so happy I got my dose of nonsensical arguments about sewing,  playing a hooker on SATC outside Samantha's appartment and queens who can't even pronounce apocalypse correctly. Now I can get back to work.

Remind me to send a postcard to my wounded model. Poor thing.

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