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2012 already? I can't believe it!

 Here's a picture of the husband and me at a christmas dinner. He looks like a bum because he forgot his fancy shirt at my brothers' and didn't feel like changing clothes. Besides, he had sticky toddler hands on him for the remainder of the evening so I guess he made the right choice.
I hope your holidays were awesome, if they weren't, don't fret. They were just days, like any other day. 

I cannot believe how fast 2011 has gone by. I said the same thing about 2010 because infertility has the tendency to make you forget to live in the moment. Life has been one big rollercoaster since 2010.
But you know what, new year, new opportunity's. 

Let's shake off all the negative shit we've gone trough in the last couple of years and move the hell on.  I'm already making changes. I've been accepting a lot more freelance jobs (for those of you who don't know, I'm a journalist. I write for a magazine and often accept jobs on the side). I used to decline a lot of jobs. This year,  I'm going to say yes to most of them and broaden my skills. In fact, I'm rewriting the website for a - go figure - midwiffery and doula service right now. I'm also paying a lot more attention to my friends because they need it too.

I can't expect anything around me to change if I don't change. 
So baby or not, I choose to make this year the best year ever. 

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