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This whole thing is getting pretty old

 My period is due tomorrow...*sigh*

I accept the whole "not being able to get pregnant thing" but what I can't accept is the hormonal melodrama that has to come along with it. I wish I could just fast forward to a week before ovulation or better yet, I wish my toes turned green exactly 4 days before ovulation and purple when I catch an egg. That would be perfect. At least we'd know what was going on!

A normal person would probably think that because she hasn't had er period yet there's still hope. But leave it to an infertile to call a cycle a complete failure before it has even ended yet. I basically knew this cycle wouldn't be it when I got my period last month.

But you know what, I'm okay with it.
Now if you'll excuse me I have to go dye my hair, eat sushi and brie and cry while flicking trough a maternity fashion magazine. Month 22 here we come.

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