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Thank you for making us feel ugly, media!

This beautiful vibrant girl is Lizzie Miller, a 20 year old softballplayer and belly dancer. You will never guess where this picture was actually published. In the frickin' Glamour! Are we finally getting to the point where normal bodies are the norm again? It saddens me that so many women compare themselves to photoshopped and airbrushed pictures in the media. I was beyond annoyed to see Heidi Klum strut the Victoria Secret runway two weeks after giving birth. Let's not even start about Rachel Zoe. They make normal women feel like crap, but they make moms feel even worse. You can't expect a women who just had a baby to be a size 0 two weeks after pushing an 8 lbs baby out. God forbid you get stretchmarks, or your breasts are saggy. How dare you be less than perfect after your hips and breasts develop in puberty or after giving birth to a couple of kids? I think it's weird that a little over 90% of women develop stretchmarks as teens or in pregnancy yet it's taboo to have 'em.

dove real beauty campaign

  I felt a post like this was neccesary because there's hardly a women out there who doesn't worry about her (pregnancy/post pregnancy) body.  I must admit I got a mini anxiety attack too when I thought about getting even more stretchmarks then I already have and gaining crazy amounts of weight during pregnancy. But the whole purpose of this post is to remind you - and myself -  that you are stunning and you will stay stunning. 
 It's important that we accept ourselves completely before we pass our body criticism on to the kids. My mom was dieting constantly so I got the idea in my head that I was fat at age 12. I'm glad she was like that because now I know what kind of impact the image we have of ourselves makes on your children. 

curves ahead photoshoot Vmagazine

 I want my daughter or son to know that ads are fake and they shouldn't compare their body to anyone else's. Their body is going to go trough changes in every phase of their life they should be proud of them instead of being ashamed of them or hating them. People are come in all colors, shapes and sizes and every body has it's own unique story. That's what makes us so beautiful.

 So who cares that your boobs aren't as perky as they were 5 years ago, who cares that you have stretchmarks, cellulite or a little pouch. Your body is completely normal, beautiful even and I'm sorry the media tricked you into believing otherwise.

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