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Don't you just hate when this happens

BFN:  A common sight.

I woke up at 6.30 a.k.a. the buttcrack of dawn to take a test. I basically did it to see whether or not I should order another months' supply of Duphaston because I was afraid my period would stay MIA for couple of months yet again. Back to the test. I took it, thought I saw a plus (blame annemia and over exhaustion), almost broke my ass in the shower. Just to discover I was seeing things that weren't there. After ordering my meds, getting a call from my niece and nephew telling me they "waf" me and crying for a couple of hours, my period shows. Needless to say, I didn't go anywhere to day.

All I could think think about was how the Duggars are pregnant with baby #20, how I wasted a perfectly good pregnancy test and how shitty this whole situation is.  I can't be the only one who hates getting her period  right after taking a test... I actually took the test out of the trashcan to see if there wasn't a second line while my period was in full force. 

Yeah...infertility is driving us insane. I wasn't sure at first but now I'm sure. 

Well, I guess this officially wraps up month 21. If you got your period too, cry, eat unhealthy foods, stay in bed, feel sorry for yourself and pick yourself up again. It's okay to feel the way you feel , I felt the same way all day. Just remember this:

Every BFN brings us closer to our BFP. 

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