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Our glases are full damnit!

I really liked this past month. I finally read a law of attraction book I've been wanting to read since last year, made sure I smiled a lot and I made a concious choice to be positive about most things. Everything is so much better and easier when you look at your glass half full. Mattie J.T. Stepanek said: "I always am careful to look at my glass half full because if you look at your glass half empty, it might as well be empty all the way." I couldn't agree with him more. What is life without hope? What is TTC without hope ?! It'd be completely useless. So stop yourself when you think negative thoughts. Do you like the dark? I don't. It helps when I picture myself stuck in a dark room and positive thoughts slowly but surely lighten up the room.

Since i'm reminding you and myself to stay as positive as possible (and laugh a lot) I thought it would be fun to make a list of the things I'm looking forward to

well, basically

From morning sickness, to poopy diapers, from school recitals to a teen slamming the door because she can't go to a party. I'll take it all and I'm pretty sure you will to. When you have a little time to yourself, sit down, relax and visualize. Can you imagine what it'd feel like to finally see those 2 stinkin' lines on a pregnancy test.Try to imagine what it would feel like to call your husband in tears because you just felt your baby move for the first time. Try to imagine your ultrasound appointments. The first time you hear the baby's heartbeat, it'll feel otherworldly. You look forward to seeing your baby every time because having a bump is nice, but the fact that you're actually carrying a person hasn't quite sunk in yet.
You're so used to people asking when your due date is that when someone asks you what time it is you say "August 1, 2012" The first time you notice that your belly is in fact more baby then bloat, you will be reminded of all the pain you've gone trough to get to this point

And when you finally meet the person that has been on your mind 24 hours a day 7 days a week, years before conception, the person who pushed you to take better care of yourself and to live life in the moment. The person who confronted you with your weaknesses and inspired you to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be, you will know in your heart of hearts that it was all worth it and you'd do it all over again. All the tests, the bloodsamples, the ultrasounds, the meds, the tears, the isolation, the fights, the stress, the stigma. Everything.

You are a fierce, sophisticated, confident, ambitious powerhouse and you are going to be a kick ass mom to a(nother) kid soon. Trust the universe, trust your body.
Stay focused and don't let sadness derail you.

Everytime you feel down because you just had a BFN, when your period decides to stay away for 3 months for no reason, when you can't figure out how to pay for your next IVF treatment. Remember what you're doing it for...Who you're doing it for.


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