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Moving house and being busy

I know there was supposed to be another vlog yesterday but I've been so busy and I can't find my USB cable thingy, so, my apologies. I've been trying to stay on top of things household wise, education wise and friend wise and we've also been looking for houses. I'm not sure if we're going to move yet. But I'm secretly hoping we can . I don't like our neighbourhood playgrounds at all. I'd be so bored if I was a kid. I also don't like the parents in my neighbourhood and I really don't like how these people leave their children to play outside unattended until 10pm in the evening. 

Moving house would be SO awesome! I hope we are completely settled in our new home before the end of next year...or before our kid is born. Whichever comes first. The thought of having to move with a newborn sends chills down my spine. IF we find our perfect home (I know it's somewhere out there, I can feel it!) I want it to be completely finished before there's a baby in the picture. My husband is excited, I am also very excited about it and we are positive that we´ll find our perfect home soon.

I do have to say, I like being busy! I'm happy that our daily lifes are distracting. I haven´t forced my husband to have sex with me in months (it's not half as bad as it sounds) and I'm not annoyed by the sight of pregnant women/strollers/babystores/anything baby related anymore. Everytime I see a pregnant woman now, all I can do is smile at her and think : " I wonder what my belly will look like?". Try to think like this too, because it'll be your turn soon!

Sigh, life is really amazing at the moment.
It would be even more amazing if we were able to move into our new house soon...

Work your magic, law of attraction

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