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Migraines, bloating and backaches for love

Hi girls en schoonvader die best sexy is, alssie niet zo chagerijnig kijkt.
 I've only been using this Duphaston stuff for 5 days and I've had so many side effects, it's insane. I've been bloated since day one and have been having migraines on and off since day 3. Being nauseous for no reason is really annoying too, my back is hurting like a bitch, my boobs feel huge and my sex drive...sigh, let us not even go there. I also threw a giant hissy fit when my husband didn't do what I asked him to. I haven't gained weight yet, but if I do, I'll freak out. I've worked hard to lose those pounds!

Is this a taste of what being pregnant is like? I know you've thought this on multiple occasions when a pregnant girl complained to you about her horrible backaches and nausea. "What the hell are you complaining about? You have what I've been trying to achieve for years. So shut your trap and enjoy your freakin' pregnancy." But everyone who reacts badly to fertility meds knows it's not easy when 90% of what you feel is hormone driven. If pregnancy is in fact similiar to Fertility med side effects 9 months straight, we're in for it, girls.

But hey, we're human, we complain but that does not mean that we're not grateful for modern day science of course. I truly believe that I'm going to get pregnant soon and if I do, it's because of those wonderful meds. The same meds that made me feel like Fergie when she realized her Guns and Roses cover wasn't as good as she thought at first.

I guess it's a great way to get used to the whole pregnancy thing before actually being pregnant and a great way for your husband to get used to your moodyness and hysterical crying. 
Just remember that no matter how severe your side effects are, it's all for love. You're doing all these fabulous things for a person you've never met. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

And side effects are good in a way, 
It means they're REALLY doing their job!

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