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Master cleansing the infertility away

I decided I'm going to drink nothing but lemonade for 10 to 40 days starting monday. Call me crazy, but it´s all for an article I´m working on with 3 colleagues that´s going to be published in a couple of weeks. I´m excited, but a little weary too. What if I faint, die or get really sick?

Well, whatever happens I'm sure it'll be interesting to write about and who knows, maybe it'll give my uterus a much needed boost! I'm going all the way, by the way. Colon hydrotherapie, steam baths and the whole nine yards. Of course I'm doing this for the sake of journalism but I'm also doing this because desperation is kicking in. That's right, I'm a desperate, infertile woman who would climb a mountain naked while singing "It's Raining Men" if a doctor told me that it'd increase my infertility. So why not torture myself by not eating for a month? I'm going to start with 10 days of course. I have no idea if I'll hold up. But I'll let you guys know. I think it would be a great idea to also do yoga during the proces. I just hope I have the discipline to stick to it!

Maybe detoxification is exactly what we need to start a clean slate and be the perfect living enviroment for a growing baby. 

So if you have the cojones to join me, let me know. 

Don't worry, I called my doctor about this and he'll do weekly exams to see if everything is still functioning properly.

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