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Unicorns and Oops-pregnancies, what's the damn difference anyway?

A picture of the pretties unicorn on the interwebz. We should name it "I just know i'm pregnant this month".

I love watching mommy vlogs on YouTube. They're fun. Especially the teen mom vlogs. It's really cool to see how much their lives change in a couple of videos. Some of them go from being overly optimistic about motherhood during their pregnancy, to having the baby and realizing that it's not that easy to breaking up with the father of their child, getting a new boyfriend, moving in with that boyfriend within a year, and getting pregnant by that new boyfriend within that same year. So there she is, having two different babies by two different men before her kid's second birthday and before she reaches the age of 20. Even though Oops pregnancies sound like every infertile's dream , I'm actually very happy I haven't experienced one.

Yes, you read correctly.
I'm actually very happy I havent experienced an oops pregnancy.
Think about it, if you're anything like me, you like to be prepared for the biggest events of your life. I've had 18 months to go back and forth, self reflect and question every single thing in my life ("Am I ready?", "What if I really suck as a mother", "What if my relationship changes for the worst?", "Is our house big enough?",  "Am I healthy enough?", "Is our car safe enough?", "Are we good enough?" and so forth.). It took a lot of time for me to realize that when you ask yourself these questions, you're actually very ready. So Oops-pregnancies may be like running into a unicorn in my back yard but at least I'm prepared and like I said, I like to be prepared. VERY prepared. I might even be a little compulsive about it but let's save that subject for another blogpost.

As hard as motherhood may be, I think it would be 200x harder if we became  mothers before we were ready.
So thanks infertility....

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