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Intensely relaxed

Life is pretty good right now. Married life is great, since it doesn't feel any different than my life before saying "I do", I've lost 14 pounds in a little under two months, I decided to go to University again. I'm starting tomorrow actually, so that's exciting! Overall, I've been feeling pretty relaxed. No nervous breakdowns. No episodes of "WHY US?!" and "Of course Kelly is pregnant. Her kid will be in college by the time we manage to conceive our first". So, it's been a good couple of weeks

On a crappier note, AF is due any day now. Well, she was due today to be precise but I'm trying not to be like that psycho bird from the music video I posted and be patient. I feel like the pee stick is calling my name and can't focus on anything else absolutely no tempation to go pee on a stick and it feels good!  I realized that a child is not responsible for my happiness and I shouldn't live life on stand-by until my little bundle of drooling joy makes an appearance. 

With that being said, I can only imagine that getting a big fat positive would be frickin' awesome.
Okay, now I feel like taking a test again.



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