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Let's bury a box full of baby dreams in the backyard

I am a massive movie freak so I always keep an eye on new releases. I came across this trailer forThe Odd Life of Timothy Green and I just thought it was so cute. The movie is about a couple who are desperately trying to have a baby but have trouble conceiving. One night they decide they're not going to be sad anymore, write down all the positive personality traits they want their baby to have, put them in a box and bury the box in the backyard. Soon, a child is born.

How amazing is that! I think we should all do this. It probably won't give us a child Disney style, but it sure is cute.  It'll give us an opportunity to focus on the good stuff and it might be fun to show your LO what you wrote down when he/she is a little older.

I want to see it but I know I'm going to cry and crying at a children's movie sucks.  I actually cried within the first 5 minutes of UP...but it's not entirely my fault! It was really sad.

Are you going to see it? If you are, please remember that it's about bring the tissues.

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