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Fabulous like an insanely priviliged Hollywood mom (minus the millions of dollars on your bank account)

Not only did she put up one hell of a performance, she's also with child. Yes, this lady, who has been on tour since January and has been dancing like a mad woman at every single performance is actually carying a baby.

How amazing does she look? This inspires me to not bust out the sneakers and sweatpants once I'm (finally) pregnant. I don't wear things like that now, so why would I when I'm pregnant? Well, because i'll probably feel like a beached whale. But still, pregnancy only lasts so long, make sure that when you get your bfp, you'll savor every moment. From morning sickness to peeing when you laugh. Like a wise dragqueen once said "It doesn't matter if you're falling apart from the inside, as long as you look good on the outside."

On a less superficial note, I just want you to take care of yourself. This might come a little easier for Beyonce and other Hollywood pregnant ladies/moms then it is for us "normal"women. She has a whole team to take care of her every need. But you can make sure you stay on top of your physical and mental health before there's a baby in the picture too (without spending billions of dollars to pay someone to do something you can do yourself)

Here are a few tips to make you look and feel fabulous pre-baby and during pregnancy.
(and increase your chances to conceive of course)

Take a couple of yoga and/or pilatus classes. A cheaper alternative is to just buy pilatus and/yoga dvd's. Yoga and pilatus are great ways to prep your body for conception and the most physically straining thing you'll ever do, being pregnant and giving birth. Pilatus has a lot of great exercises that help eleviate back aches during pregnancy. Yoga is a great way to focus on your breathing that can prove useful when you're trying to push a baby out.

My mom - who is a retired midwife - always tells me that the women who stayed active troughout their pregnancy had a lot less trouble pushing their baby out. If you're planning on giving birth at home or at a birthing centre, focus on doing squats. Do a lot of 'em. Not only will they tighten your already fabulous booty, strenghten and tone your thighs , but you'll be able to move freely during birth and if you decide to squat during birth, you can stay in that position longer.

Research shows that women who laugh right after ovulation have a bigger chance of conceiving. This was tests at a IVF clinic. They made one group of women laugh after the procedure and let the other group proceed as usual. The group of women that laughed had a higher conception rate than the group that didn't

Make sure you keep a couple of 4 lbs dumbells around too. A baby might not be all that heavy but she will be when you're carrying her around all day. So work those biceps out. 

 See a shrink. I LOVE MINE! She's amazing and it feels great to be able to discuss everything without being judged. My main reason for going is because I wanted to sort everything out and be as stable and balanced in every aspect in my life before baby makes three.
Don't forget to do your kegels. That thing I said about peeing when you laugh, doesn't happen when you're kegels are strong. If you can afford The kegelmaster, buy one! 

Go to your local beauty mac store and have them do your make up ( they usually do if for free). This is great for when you've been wearing the same ol' eyeliner since high school. Having a new look will make you feel like the queen you are. Also, buy at least 1 or 2 products. We don't want to be rude!

Don't wear baggy clothes. Just don't. They add 20lbs. 

Science proves that walking on heels can make you infertile. Yes, those fabulous Steve Madden shoes might be the culprit when it comes to our impairment to making babies. I gasped when I found out because I love my uncomfortable shoes! When you're TTC or pregnant, replace your stilleto's with wedges. Wedges are easier to walk in and they tend to look high, when they usually aren't.

We have reached a point in our journey where we've run out of tears and we're tired of being victims.  
Crying won't bring you a baby. The only tears I want to see from now on are tears of happiness.
I know we have no control of our infertilty, but we do have control over how we choose to deal with it.
I hope I inspired you to move your ass and stay fabulous! 
(without breaking down at baby showers, we don't want to ruin our $40 mascara)


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