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The crazy things infertiles do

Today, I walked into our guest room and I saw our disassembled crib (don't ask) leaning against the wall.  I just couldn´t help but assemble it  - Without instructions by the way, I'm super handy! -.

Okay, Sure, it looks really, really cute and it makes me smile. But this is even a little too weird for my taste. Husband dearest wasn't surprised at all. He's definitely getting used to my craziness and I don't know if it's a good thing but he's fine with everything that gives me a positive outlook. Fiddling around with the stuffed animals and blankies in that room definitely does that. It may be (very, very, VERY) pathetic, but it works and whatever works is fine in my book. Besides, I absolutely don´t believe in jinxes. If someone is supposed to get pregnant, she will get pregnant. It doesn´t matter if she´s in middle school, dances on a pole or buys onesies for a kid that isn't conceived yet.

Some people store the thing they´ve bought when they started TTC in a box in the attic, others have a completely finished nursery. You should do whatever makes you feel good.

 It is cool that we already have almost everything our baby will need in it's first year. I still have to paint and  decorate accordingly (Art Nouveau art work if it's a girl and Art Deco art work if it's a boy) but that´s all.  This definitely is one of the many upsides of trying to conceive. When I get pregnant (I definitely will) I can enjoy my pregnancy without having to worry about what furniture to buy.

Either way, this room will be used.

Mark my insanely positive words.

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