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Maybe we're too eager to become mothers...

Infertility is actually pretty frickin' ridiculous. When you distance yourself from your situation and try to look at it objectively, the whole thing just seems completely desperate. It's like we're sabotaging ourselves by wanting something "too much" when we check our toilet paper 1200 times, decorate the nursery in our imagination, pout when we see a stroller and think it's normal to thoroughly examine our cervical mucus. The whole thing makes me think about every single toy I really, really wanted to have when I was a kid. It felt like every time I decided I wanted something today, every kid in the entire neighbourhood would have it tomorrow. Infertility is kind of like that. But I probably won't get bored with my kid a month after I get it.

Anyway, the reason I say it's ridiculous is because of this music video. They make wanting a baby look so desperate it's almost embarrasing. 

Do you think this is an accurate representation of life as an infertile?

If so, I say no more! No more wanting! No more folic acid and exercise, no more psychological and financial  preparing to be the best parent you can be.

You know, maybe the secret to getting pregnant is acting like you don't want it to happen. Next time someone asks you when you and your partner are "finally" starting a family, just say: "A kid? Sounds fun and all but seriously, diapers? Having a kid eat from your freakin' boob? Boobs are for sex. I'd rather not get fat and ugly as a result of pregnancy and I still want to party,"

This might be our golden ticket!

(seriously, I think the women that want to be moms "desperately" usually become the best mothers ever. So no, there is no such thing as wanting too much and trying to hard. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll become a mom one day)

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