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It's not my party but I'll cry if I have to

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This is cycle 17 and AF just showed...On my husband's birthday. I´m ashamed to say I locked myself in the attic. I'm not crying or anything, because I don't know how to do that anymore. But I guess I just panicked.  I wasn't ready to see AF again.

I'm sure the guests are thinking that I'm some kind of diva bitch because I don´t want to socialize. But it´s better to walk a way then throw a tantrum right? So I actually did them a favor.

I don't even know in what mood I am. I'm sad, dissapointed, angry and a little bitter. But I´m also extremely happy! My cycle was only 31 days long this month, so that's really exciting!

Wow, this post was rather bipolar.
All these emotions are enough to make someone turn to drinking!
I do feel better now, so I guess I better join the party again.

I'm not going to let this rain on our parade.

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