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Getting your period + trying to get pregnant = disaster of epic proportions

Here's a list of things to do when your time of the month arrives that doesn't include crying in the toilet.
I have some real tips for you to help you survive yet another month of menorrhea. ( Menorrhea sounds better, It sounds more disease-y. Aunt Flo doesn't quite cover the catastrophic scale of this event.)

1. Laugh.
Seriously, laugh. When you feel like you're about to cry, do the whole Count von Count thing and you'll feel better. It's actually scientifically proven that when you smile, your brain will think you're happy and you'll actually feel happier. So save your "why-does-my-uterus-hate-me" cry for when you're trying to conceive your next spawn and try to focus on the positives, because yes woman, there is a silver lining.

2. It's all about perspective
At least you got your period, maybe you even got it on time. It's nice to not wait 200 cycle days for your period to show. It's here now and it's arrival is your body's way of telling you everything is working the way it should. This is definitely something you should be happy with. Not ever getting your period is worse!

2.Have a drink
I know you've been faithfully taking your prenatals, haven't missed a yoga class in months and been taking really good care of yourself. Which is what you should do and you should be proud of yourself. But when your monthly visitor arrives, it's okay to let all of that go for a couple of days. You're sad, maybe even violent and you deserve to indulge in things that are bad for you, eat that brie, drink that Cosmopolitan, unwind and get ready for the next round. 

3. Avoid children's parties and baby showers
It's best you save those occasions for past ovulation and pre-AF (read: when you're hopeful).

4. Things to remember
Every BFN brings you closer to your BFP. Every month gives you more time to mentally prepare for parenthood, pay bills and get traveling out of your system. By the time you're pregnant, you already know what you want the nursery to look like. All you have to do is buy what you need and it'll be done in a jiffy. You've had plenty of time to discuss your parenting visions with your partner. TTC has made you a better, stronger and much more grateful woman. You've done so much research and know so much about the female body, you're the go to gal if your friends have a question about pregnant/infertility. Gaining more knowledge is always a positve

If my TTC positives are the same as yours, write them down, stick 'em to a mirror and read it every time you pass it. 

Because let's be honest. You could hate your body, wonder why this is happening 
to you and make it harder on yourself OR you could just deal with it, accept the learning experience and get yourself in great shape pshysically and mentally for the biggest, most exciting time of your life. 

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