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Fashion Find (sorta)

I found this beauty in the back of our closet. It used to be my father in law's tie. He thought he was doing his son a favor when he "passed it on" but I beg to differ. It's horrible and I have to resist the urge to burn it on the front lawn. But before I throw this thing back in the depths of our closet, I wanted to show you first. Sorry about the crappy picture quality, my Sony Cybershot hates me at the moment.

Gorgeous, isn't it? I love that the chicken has a stall and the white dog with the little white grocery basket standing on his back legs is pretty freakin' cute.

But really, I wonder if DH's father was abusing substances when he decided to splurge on a tie like this.
What worries me is that it's so hideous, it's almost fashionable.
That's how confusing fashion is. 

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