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Annoying comment of the week!

"Don't be upset, it'll happen! Just have fun trying"

Dear annoying, fertile friend. when you've been trying to do something that comes so easily for 14 year olds, sex only reminds you of what a giant loser you are. Timing intercourse, is not fun. Having sex at 5 am in the morning because you must have sex 2 hours before your 7 am appointment is not my idea of a good time. I enjoy asking my husband if my areola's are bigger multiple times a day in my two week wait. I love getting my hopes up, "just knowing" that I'm pregnant so I can find out minutes later that my period just started. I also love hearing about my friend´s abortions.

I know you're trying to be nice, but sometimes, there is nothing you can say. I am infertile. I am upset and I'm not having a swell time trying.

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