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We relaxed and it didn't happen!

I was kinda depressed last week. I'd like to blame hormones or a crap eating and sleeping pattern but I really think this was a side of me I didn't even know I had. Thanks to some reflecting, some yoga and my lovely readers I'm feeling like my old, peppy self again. I'm pretty sure the best blog followers ever are the ones that are following mine. A  woman who battled infertility for 6 years and is now blessed with twins said: "You are in the valley right now, but lift your head up and tell infertility to go suck it, because you will make it out of here" and I don't even think she knows what these words mean to me. It's definitely motivational poster worthy. I try to fill my mind with positive thoughts like these. If I like a certain thought I just keep repeating it until it becomes the truth to me. 

I guess this is my tip to my fellow TTC warriors, repeat everything positive about your life over and over and over again like a crazy person. Write them down and stick it on a mirror if you have to. I'm new to the game, but I know how you feel. I'm not just saying that like everyone does. I'm saying it because I really know. I know what it's like to not be invited to a first birthday party or to be told you'll probably get pregnant once you adopt. When you feel like punching the next person that says "Stop trying". I know what it's like finally feeling hopeful because you're seeing an RE and holding your breath at each appointment. 

But try not to torture yourself. If you learn this early on, it'll be a little more bearable. With torture I mean, watching pregnancy vlogs, buying lots of baby clothes and calculating when your due date would be if you got pregnant this cycle. Be kind to yourself. Even try to stay positive about it if you can.

If I get my period I say: "At least I get one, it means my body is functioning."
If I don't get my period and aren't pregnant I say: "Breastfeeding moms don't get periods but are still ovulating. Without AF to distract us, we can get some serious BDing out of our system"
If I get a BFN I tell myself "Well, every BFN brings me closer to a BFP."
But if I need a serious pick me up, I go to this website 

 Go have a look, I'm pretty positive it'll make you feel better too.

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