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Should we question vaccines?

I'm a pretty positive TTC-er. I don't ask myself if I get pregnant, but when. Because of this I've done my research on a whole range of things. Things like baby-lead weaning, extended breastfeeding, non circumcision and vaccination. The last one is particularly controversial. I like debate but when it comes to this, people get so emotional that it's hard to have a rational conversation. I understand why people feel passionate about vaccinating or not vaccinating their kids because it's about their kids. I've heard all types of things from both sides. I've heard people say that they're positive autism and ADHD are mainly caused by vaccinations and I've heard people say that parents who won't vaccinate their kids should pay higher insurance premiums. I've also had multiple people tell me they'd rather have an autistic kid than a dead one. It's all very intense to say the least
I know most of you know exactly on what side your on but I respect every parenting style, as long as the kids are kept safe, fed and held, I'm not a judgemental person. But I thought, if I can make a difference for the people that are still on the fence about it, I'd love to help you make an informed decision.

The reason I'm doing this is because I think everyone should question everything more often. Just because someone is wearing a certain uniform, doesn't mean they're always right. Also,  I think we all, as (future) parents and human beings have the right to know and choice what gets injected into our bodies.

So here's a list of things you should consider before you make a decision for your family.

1. First, it's very important you know that you have the right to make an informed choice. Don't let any healthcare provider , family member or blogger push you into something you're not comfortable with. Whether she's pushing you to vaccinate, or not. 

2. Have you researched the ingredients? By the time your child is 10, he or she has had about 38 immunizations. It's good to know what's actually in them. What freaked me out is the fact that there's Mercury and anti-freeze in there. Among other very disturbing things , human fetal tissue and scary stuff like that. Ingredients that cannot be good for brain development in young children (or older children for that matter).  But a lot of parents think that as long as the positives outweigh the negatives, it's worth the risk.

3. Are you familiar with the risks? Both vaccinating and not vaccinating have some risks attached to them. Ask your health care provider and please do your research. Go the the library if you can. I find that web pages often contradict eachother and they almost never name the source of their information. When I looked trough several medical papers and actual books (no e-books for me when it comes to issues like this) it helped me make a decision that I feel is right for me.

4. If you're not comfortable with not vaccinating your children, you can also delay certain vaccines.

Good luck with making a decision. If you did make a decision, I'd love to hear what decision you made and why.

I really hope this didn't come across as preachy or judgemental in any way, I just like to talk to you guys about this stuff!

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