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Nothing much, really

Life's good. My article - about a completely superficial subject you don't want to know about - came out pretty nicely. Although I wish there was a little more room for my real thoughts in a fashion magazine. But I have so much on my plate right now, it doesn't seem right to switch jobs like they're easy to find. It pays half of the bills and I get to write. I guess that's good enough for now. But since my professional life isn't the reason why you read this blog, i'll get down to business. 

I still haven't gotten my perod. My RE is such a hard person to deal with. I've borderline stalked him and all he tells me to do is wait. Like someone that's TTC doesn't do enough of that. But I guess he's right. I've waited 16 months, so I guess I can wait a few weeks until my June 27th appointment. Besides, I have a wedding to attend to in 7 days.
My mom is planning everything so vigorously , I almost forgot it's mine.
But you know what, I am in no mood to micro manage every single detail.

Also, I'm thinking about moving to Belgium. (for those of you that think every country in Europe is the same, do your homework. The diversity is mind boggling). 

But I'll blog about that later.

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