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Stop jinxing your damn future baby

In the Netherlands, we have this bogus holiday type thing called Queensday. The only good thing about it is that we get a day off and that people can pretty much sell stuff on every corner of every street without needing a license. I'm a proud bargain shopper so I love seeing what kind of junk people have to offer every year. This year was different though. I had my mind set on buying at least one useful baby product. I was walking around for 2 seconds when my eyes were drawn to this bouncy seat I saw in a high end baby store for 80 euro's ($118) last week.It doesn't do much but because it has a brand on it, they think they have the right to overprice the damn thing. But anyway I looked at it and said to MB (My hubby).."Omg..if it's like..15 euro's ($22) we need to buy it" To wich he replied "Doesn't it bring bad luck to buy baby stuff without having a baby or something?". The last thing we want to do is test our luck. So I kinda backed away from it and moved along. 

But then I thought, seriously Jill? I'm the least superstitious person I know, yet I back away from a baby product like it's invested by rats that carry the plague. I know I want a baby more than anything. But I need to get a grip.

I told MB that if the bouncy thing wasn't there anymore when we walk to the car, it'd totally be his fault lol. When it was time to go home I almost ran to the bouncy seat seller. When I asked her how much she wanted for it, she said 5 euro's! ($7). My money almost flew out of my pocket. You know you would've done the same. I also bought this cute baby suit thingy with ears for a euro. I just couldn't resist. I feel like I'll have a baby one day , whether it's a biological baby or an adopted one. So I'm going to need these things. If i'm supposed to have a kid, I will. Buying a harmless bouncy seat won't change my fate. So ignore those who tell you it's bad luck and you risk jynxing your baby/pregnancy. If you eventually do get pregnant, you'll have to spend less money if you bought them in the TTC stage.
 And yes, I'm totally making excuses for me - and you - to splurge on cute baby things.

I guess I'm "that" TTC-er now. In a couple of months our guest room will probably look like this:

If I ever find the time to organize it that is.
I've got to store my extremely irrational shopping decisions somewhere.

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