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It hasn't been my day, my week or my month

Most of you know I love art by now. I especially love modern sculptures. This one is by Jin Young Yu.

I've been feeling quite down lately. I'm a pretty positive person but these past weeks, it feels like there's this big black cloud hanging over my head that just won't go away and it sucks. I'm not depressed or anything. I'm just really, really down. I'm on a work hiatus - don't worry, by choice. We can afford it - and I haven't seen a single soul (aside from DH of course) in the past few weeks. I completely isolated myself and I've become antisocial beyond believe. Yeah, I do go out and do fun stuff with DH but that's about it. I avoid contact with everyone else. It's insane. I hope my shrink can help me with this because I'm feeling quite crazy actually.

TTC can't be the cause of all this, right?

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