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Granny's gone crazy

My mom is so excited to be a grandma (for the third time) and because getting pregnant wasn't an issue for her, she doesn't understand what's taking us so long. But anyway, she took it upon herself to buy the first baby clothes. I thought it was really sweet, the only problem is...97% of everything she bought is either pink, or only suitable for a girl. When I mentioned it, she said "Well, I just know you're gonna have a girl so I brought a bunch of pink stuff". Wich is fine, it just makes me wanna go out and buy more stuff.

Anyway, I kinda wanted to show you guys what she bought ( 1/4th of it anyway, I have a lot more. I just didn't feel like unfolding EVERY single piece of tiny clothing).

Aren't these cute? Too bad they're pink! Just like everything else she bought

Super cute! But again, pink. I thought it was really cool she found this Benneton sweater in little person size. I used to wear this oversized sweater in middle school all the time.

And here's the bouncy chair thingy I bought at the Queensday market. 
I love it and I know baby's going to love it too. 

So there you have it.
Stay tuned for everything else regarding my unhealthy habit of shopping for a baby that's not even conceived.
(wow, it does sound really sad when I put it like that...maybe it is?)

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