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I'm the worst bride ever. Today I realized that my wedding is 5 weeks and some odd days away. I know I should be all over this thing, make sure every little detail is taken care off and send everyone cute invites. But the only things I've taken care of are my dress, veil and location. I still don't have a photographer, I still don't know what bakery will make my cakes (yes, cakeS) and yet, i'm still not stressed out. My mom on the other hand, she has been running around like crazy. She's so busy doing all kinds of things that  you'd think she's getting married.

To be perfectly honest, I don't care about my wedding. (gasp!) I really don't.
What I do care about is my marriage. That's why It won't matter to me if my cake isn't "perfect", my veil is wrinkly or my shoes aren't the right color. Because, let's be honest. It's really not that important. I want my marriage to succeed and redundant expenses, gossipy family members and a heavily overpriced Vera Wang dress won't make a damn difference when it comes to this.
 But you know, since my mom never got married, I'm going to let her go crazy on this one.

And to answer the question I keep getting, 
No, I'm not nervous. I don't see why I should be.
I'm not marrying a stranger.

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