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Damn you medical interventions

Richard Wilkinson

Hi everyone! Long time no blog, thanks to blogger being down and out. I don't have much to say to you guys. TTC is truly a humbling experience. Last thursday, we found out that we aren't exactly blessed in the sperm deparment. Also, I don't get my periods. I haven't gotten one since March. So my lunatic RE (reproductive endocrinologist) said that we should come back in two months to see if anything gets better in the sperm department and if I get my period. If not, he wants to give me medication to trigger a period and ovulation. I don't know what he's planning on doing about hubby's junk though. Maybe put him on clomid? I have no idea. He said that we could try and have sex sporadically but he doesn't think it'll make a difference. By the way, it really sucks to have your doctor basically tell you "You can have sex all you want, you probably won't get pregnant anyway". So afer all was said and done he said that after those two months, he'll probably try IUI first. (There was a lot of confusion during the initial appointment but when I called him about it, I said I don't want to do IVF yet beacuse it's too invasive and he agreed). 

So yeah, that's it basically. It's not bad news, but it ain't great either...
When will this end?

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