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The awesomeness that is United States of Tara

I know this has nothing to do with baby makin' and crappy RE's. But next to a woman trying to become a mother, I'm also just me. That's why I want to post about the things I like  more. 

I wanted to share my enthusiasm about United States of Tara. I don't know if you're into this kind of dark humor, but if you are, you're probably watching it already. I love everything about this show. I love that it's crude, dark and twisted. 

United States of Tara is about a woman named Tara. An ex teen mom of two, a wife to Max and an artist,  who also happens to suffer from DID - dissociative identity disorder -.Alice, Buck, Gimme, T, Shoshanna Shaumbaum and Chicken are the alters that "steal" her body from time to time.

I have always been interested in psychological disorders and even though this show is a sensationalized depiction of what it's like to actually live with this, it doesn't make it less interesting.Plus, the co-writer actually suffer from this condition. 

 I love the dialogue, I love how honest it is. I love the charachters. 

I basically love everything about it. 

If I tickled your fancy, you can watch it on mondays at 10:30PM ET/PT on Showtime.

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