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Toning the stress away

Lord knows I tried to stick with my exercise but it's so hard! I'm not a very athletic person. You can even say I'm lazy in that area. So it took a lot for me to exercise 7 days a week for a couple of months. Unfortunately, I fel off the exercise wagon and my visit to the doc reminded me to keep it up! I want my body to be as fit and healthy as it can possibly be. I've been taking the Dutch equivelent of fertilaid and I may not be pregnant yet, but this stuff works wonders for my hair, nails and skin. If you're not taking any folic acid yet, do it! My doc reccomended it. Also, if you make sure you're in shape before there's actually a bun in the oven and keep working out moderately during pregnancy, you bounce back to your pre-pregnancy prettiness in no time.

Want to start exercising too? Don't even think about getting a $200 membership at the gym. I absolutely love workout videos. They give me the opportunity to commit to all the steps in the comfort of my own home. I alternate between Ripped in 30 and Kim Kardashian Fit In Your Jeans By Friday. I know what you're thinking. " You're not serious about the second one right?". Actually, I am! I really, really thought that I could ease my way trough KK's workout video. Boy, was I wrong. After popping in her DVD the first time, my legs were shaking! I kid you not, if you want to tone your booty, hips and thighs, I definitely reccomend this video. 
Ripped in 30 by the fabulous Jillian Michaels kicks your ass like you'd expect. But it works out everything KK leaves out. 

Just a couple of tips before I stop writing
- Start slowly! Don't throw out your back on the first work out
- Drink lukewarm water, with a pinch of salt (yuck, I know) and lemon every morning to cleanse your insides and kickstart your metabolism.
- Take a day off. I rest and eat unhealthy junk on saturdays.
- Wear cute exercise clothes. Even working out isn't an excuse to look a mess. Besides, it gives your SO something hot to look at wich in turn might be beneficial to TTC.
- Don't weigh in every day. Seriously, don't. Once a week is good enough.
- Find 2 dvd's and  alternate them to your liking. 

Exercising is a lot  more fun when it's diverse. 
And yes, I actually used "fun" and "excersing" in the same sentence.

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