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This week has been quite eventfull. There's a lot that has to be arranged for our wedding. I wanted a small wedding but there are a bunch of people coming, wich is exciting and I think this is secretely what I wanted anyway. I'm still waiting for my dress and my bouquet to be delivered. I already have my veil and it's absolutely beautiful. All I have to do on our wedding day is look pretty. My mom is taking care of the cake, the reception  and all the other stuff so we don't have to plan anything (yay!).

As for TTC, we're not doing very well. I skipped a period, again. May 12th is our next appointment and then we'll get the results of our tests. Skipping a period truly sucks. If I could tell my body something, I'd tell it to get a grip. My periods were like clockwork before I started TTC and since I've been TTC they're all over the place. It's like some kind of sick joke. 

Since I'm randomly skipping periods, I wouldn't mind if AF stayed away on my wedding too though. 

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