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The TTC survival guide to everyday life


Trying to conceive is not easy. Period.Will it ever get easy? No. Can we make it more bearable?
Since you're all pro's when it comes to the technical bits of TTC.Here are tips on how to cope with the emotional bits

Talk about it
I understand why you would want to keep your TTC struggles to yourself.But I've learned first hand that it's important to tell people close to you what you're struggeling with.They might put you in painful situations without knowing so. And they'll probably think you're being a hormonal bitch.If you tell them what you're dealing with, they'll understand why you react a certain way when they ask or do certain things.Wich - in return - will make get togethers a lot easier for you

 Prepare some quick witted comebacks
One thing that just comes with the TTC territory is that people are going to make shitty comments.Things like: "When are you and Mister/Miss X having a baby?", "Are you pregnant yet?", "Do you guys even want kids?! You've been together forever!" and " You want it too bad!" can make your bloodpressure rise like nobody's business.When someone told me that "Maybe god doesn't want me to have kids" I said: Did he come over for coffee yesterday and tell you that? Just shake it off and keep going.You can't let other people make TTC harder for you than it already is.

Take a OPK/BBT/clomid break every few cycles
I know the last thing you'd want to do is decrease your chances of catching that egg for a month. But to maintain your sanity and emotional stability, I suggest you throw your thermometer in the drawer for just one cycle every 3 - 6 cycles.The reason I say this is because babymakin' can put such a strain on your sex life
(don't even get me started on relationships).Those monthly breaks basically saved my life. Just use that one month to relax, go out on fancy dinners with your husband, go to spa's, have spontaneous, passionate sex in positions that aren't necessarily baby making friendly and really enjoy eachothers' company.

It's okay to feel a little overwhelmed and worry
I know a bunch of women who really want to have a baby but still have their doubts. "Maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't be a mom", " Am I ready for this?", "Will I be a good mom?". These feelings are completely normal, in fact, it would be naive to not have doubts and just dive into this adventure head first. The fact that you worry means you want to do the best you can for yourself and your future baby and you want to be prepared as much as possible. The truth is, no one is ever really ready. So the fact that you sometimes don't feel ready (either because you can't buy that second car or won't be able to go to Disney land 4x a year) doesn't mean you're not ready. You'll be a fabulous mom.The harder the TTC journey, the bigger the reward. Just remember that!

Throw an AF party
I haven't tested in months because it drove me completely crazy to try and spot lines that weren't even there. I promised myself that I wouldn't test until I was at least one week late.So far, this saved me a lot of money. And with the money I save, I usually do something fun like: Go to the movies, or go out for cocktails, get a manicure.Everything to keep my mind of AF. And I guess I celebrate her arrival in a way. Because every BFN brings me closer to my BFP. New round, new opportunities.

I really hope I helped you at least a little bit. Trying to conceive is stressful and frustrating. But try to keep your eye on the price and trust that one day, you'll be a  fierce mother and an inspiration to many.

Don't. Give. Up

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