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Baby makin' costs a fortune! Not for the 16 year old that gets knocked up on prom night of course, but for TTC couples. The whole situation is flippin' stressful, the financial issues just make it worse. Me and M have been financially stable our whole relationship (3 and a half years), I just hope things stay this way. Between dental bills, doctor bills, a wedding and trying to set some money aside for traveling, life has become freakin' expensive.

Research shows, children that come from a  low income family , tend to have money issues as adults. I can't do that to my kid. Struggeling with money is seriously one of my worst fears. I've been there and I don't wanna go there again. I want my child to have the best but be grateful as well. But for that to happen I need to be grateful first.

I guess I have to stop worrying because I  truly have enough. Having the love of my life beside me and the other love of my life grow inside my belly is worth more than all the gold, Louboutin's, private islands, jets, personal assistents and fancy parties in the world. You don't have to be an heiress of some beauty product empire to give your child what it needs.

If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy.

Whether you're TTC or a parent, don't feel guilty if you can't take your kid to Disneyland every week. They don't need an annoying mouse, stupid teacups and ridiculously overpriced toys.
They need you.

I hope you feel better now.
I do.

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