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Pressing family and shotgun weddings

Art by: Blushless

Me and M have been together for 3 1/2 years. We don't really care for marriage and never really thought about it. Until my family decided it would be okay to pressure me into it that is. My brother is muslim, so he's automatically all for it. And my mom thinks that because we're young and planning on having a baby, we should be married. I think these ideas are rather outdated.
It's like I have to claim my SO to make sure he doesn't leave. Talk about a ball and chain. If I was worried about him leaving, we wouldn't be together in the first place. Also, I don't know couples who are married. All the couples I know haven't said " I do" and they're doing fine.
My grandma's and grandpa's weren't married, my mom and dad aren't even married.
 And now they expect me to get married?
I know that we are in a commited relationship, I don't need the law to acknowledge that, I love my last name and I don't care if people take our relationship seriously or not.

You read that, nosy family?
We are going to be great, unwed parents. Just like all of you.
And if we do decide we want a small courthouse/beach wedding, we'll let you know.
All in due time.