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Paps and plastic jars

Today we met our fertility doctor for the first time. There was an instant click. He's was funny, kind and never said anything negative about our age. I felt so comfortable. He asked me a couple of questions and did a vaginal ultrasound right after that. Everything looked normal but I might have to undergo a laparoscopy. To make sure everything is really okay.

He finished the exam by taking a papsmear and that was it. He gave DH-to-be a plastic jar to take home and we were on our way. It was a great experience and I have my next appointment 6 weeks from now. The next step is to get bloodwork done in 3 days (to see if I've ovulated) and my honey has to hand in his sample.

And to think I was nervous, it was completely unnecessary! I'm so happy we have a great doctor!

I reccomend everyone to see a specialist. It's definitely worth it.
Just make sure your doctor isn't an A-hole like the one I had before.

Until next time, TTC warriors.

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