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Finally, some help

Sophie Blackall

M and me decided to exactly wait one year to see a fertility specialist because, I don't think it's fair to other couples to seek professional help after 6 months of TTC. Also, a year is about how long it took for me to believe the doctors and  realize I do have a problem. My infertility was caused by uterine abcesses and an emergency surgery I had on my abdominal area. I  definitely underestimated its seriousness.

I think that when you start TTC, you think it'll take a couple of months tops. No one expects those months to turn into years. Even I  never expected it to take more than a couple of months. Wich is completely na├»ve considering my gynecologists response, when I asked him if I was still able to have kids after my surgery. I told him to be completely honest. 

After 5 seconds of silence he said: " No. But good thing there are other ways to have a baby huh?".  I got the message alright. Despite his lack of tact, he's still my favorite gynecologist and I love that he didn't beat around the bush. 

So now, a year later, I made an appointment with a fertility specialist the 28th of this month. The whole situation finally feels real in a way. Even though we've been using OPK's, tracking CM and tracking BBT for months, now is the first time in this entire year that I feel like that pregnancy may  finally  happen and that we're actually doing something.

I'm so excited yet anxious.
 Could this process be the last hurdle between me and my baby?