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Blood, sweat and tears


I got poked again, but at least it's for a good cause. I went to the hospital to have some blood drawn and I can't wait for the results. I know I ovulate regularly but everything about the fertility testing just makes me anxious. I hate not having any control over how good my reproductive organs work. Good thing everyone at the hospital is so nice or else it would be very annoying to have to go there on a weekly basis. I can't really say how this will effect me in the long run seeing this is our first week of having to go to the hospital, but right now I'm a happy camper! Getting help from a specialist is awesome and I'm so grateful that we're in a position to receive this kind of help. Even if it means M has to get up at 7.30 am to "do his business" and then drive to the hospital ASAP. 

The next step is to have illuminating fluid pumped inside my uterus or undergo a laprascopy to check if nothing is blocked down there.

All I can say is, bring it on. The sooner we know what's wrong, the better.
And we'd do just about anything - within reason - to find out what is preventing us from having this baby.

I hope it's not "time" like everyone says.
Our fertility specialist may be good, but he can't create " the right time"

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